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Observed Trials: According to NORBA "Events conducted over an obstacle course including such natural hazards as mud, rocks, water, etc. and can have any number of sections. The riders attempt to negotiate each section without putting down a foot (dab). Each dab (foot or hand) adds a point to the riders score. The rider with the lowest score wins the event."

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Do you live in or near Minnesota? If so, please join a new email list I have created to let people in your area communicate more effectively. Hopefully this list will allow all us Trials riders in Minnesota and the surrounding states plan some get togethers and perhaps a comp or 2.

"Hello my name is Chad Wilts, I am a student in Anchorage, Alaska and am trying to increase interest in my part of the country so that we can have a trials club. If you could post my email address maybe I could talk with others who are trying to do that very same thing. Thanks for your help."


Sure Chad, I can do that. If there is anyone near Anchorage Alaska, please email Chris. Lets all do what we can to help out fellow trials riders.


John Gaddo Playing Around
John Gaddo playing around.

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